Kind of a magnetic pull

Madagascar is like love at first side towards which Motivoscope Team has especially strong feelings and it was kind of a magnetic pull from scratch. It’s a mysterious place, offering everything while having almost nothing. That concerns both social and natural point of view. This love at first side began after we had experienced Madagascar ourselves and it seem to be long-lasting feeling spread towards our incentive programs.

Across the land where hardened roads are kind of a luxury and it’s still skipped by google maps the most convenient way to travel is your own light aircraft. Full steam ahead and we can discover each and every nook of Madagascar for example paradise island with beautiful azure water, delicate sand and have a stop to serve a unique dinner at the beach within cozy atmosphere, breathtaking surrounding and with an eye on the sky full of stars.

At least one day with lemurs is a must during your trip to Madagascar. It’s an unforgettable experience when you have a chance to get to know them in Madagascar’s National Park and also to have an closer look to Aye-Aye – the ugliest lemur on the island.

Among plenty of attractions which Madagascar has to offer, the greatest one is just daily life of Malgasy People. Life ongoing on the Canal des Pangalanes is just fascinating. Every day a crowd of fishermen fight with huge waves in their pirogues at the break of day. To watch this exciting performance our guests travel by old-fashioned jeeps so that on their way they are able to admire stunning views of green hills, lost villages, colorful fields and stalls full of fruits. We can also have a quick stop to try and buy traditional Malgasy food accompanied by local residents.

Let’s begin this journey together! The journey where you have a chance to go back to the roots, where people keep in with nature and old habits of their ancestors, and where the pace of life runs slowly from dust till dawn. Hit the road to Madagascar!

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