We are responsible for the Earth. In our private lives and professionally.

We are aware that tourism has an enormous impact (apparently not always positive) on local communities and the environment. However, it does not mean that we want to discourage people from travelling. Our goal is to persuade the participants to change their habits, to be more conscious of their actions and to show the influence of our behavior to the environment.

Over the years we have implemented some elements of sustainable tourism and CSR activities in our programs, but we deeply feel its insufficient. Its high time to reverse the proportions. That is why we decided to begin our eco-incentive journey.

Greencentive (green incentive) is how we call our unique, perspective-changing programs where we promote eco-friendly behavior so that we offer you a choice: whether to contribute to better future of our planet, or other way round. Each and every detail of greencentive program has been considered and planned according to the “5R” rule. Forget about plastic ID badges, all inclusive stay in top chain hotels, water in plastic bottle, shopping in outlets and other eco-unfriendly behavior. In exchange for that you will receive unforgettable moments in unique places and also positive feeling that travelling may be fun and safe for the environment at the same time.

Get ready for Greencentive Revolution!

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