Made in Japan

One of the most unusual and fascinating countries in the world. Bipolar and harmonious at the same time. A place where geishas, ancient Buddhist temples and legends about samurais coexist peacefully with hypermodern, futuristic metropolis. A perfect symbiosis between long-living Japanese, majestic bonsai gardens, tea ceremonies, manga comics and latest technologies.

We will start our journey in flashing and vibrant Tokyo where we will have a cup of sake in a Japanese pub – izakaya, the one of Kill Bill movie. Then we will take you to karaoke and cosplay party in a speak easy bar. During the day, dressed in wellingtons, we will visit the biggest fish market in the world in search of the deadly fugu fish. We will continue our journey moving to the region of Mount Fuji. We will stop to take a deep breath in a traditional ryokan with onsen to visit mystical temples hidden in the middle of bamboo forests and also admire beautiful gardens that seem to be meant for meditation.

As the perfect ending of the stay in the land of cherry blossoms we would also recommend an evening with ninja warriors or shinkansen ride to the old capital where you will meet the geishas…

Still not satisfied? What about surfing in Okinawa, skiing in Sapporo or meeting sumo wrestlers? Let’s go!

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