Turquoise sea, white sand beaches and dazzling sun for more than 300 days a year, Brigitte Bardot and Belle Époque, fast cars, luxurious yachts and amazingly delicious cuisine.

This is how we could describe one of the most sensual and at the same time exclusive part of Europe in one sentence. Much to our relief we don’t need to be millionaire to enjoy the south of France.

In order to be able to know Provence in the most unconventional way we have created a unique scenario of a city game for a group of our guests. This game includes among others rafting, ribs, famous 2CV rides, puzzles connected with perfumes and playing boules. In this big quest to get the Palme d’Or, the teams are supported by the troops of Saint-Tropez which in the course of the game reveal the secrets of French cinematography.

Together we can set off on a journey to Côte d’Azur, the capital of French chic! Let’s catch Cannes together!

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