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This gorgeous archipelago consisting of 115 islands, scattered on Indian Ocean, is the second of the richest countries in this region. The Seychelles defend their good PR and precious natural resources and that’s how they became the symbol of exclusive ecotourism and luxury destination.

Don’t be misled by the vision of peaceful oasis because we know exactly how to raise your adrenaline level!

People associate the Seychelles with the luxurious villas. And they’re completely right. However, if you ask our guests about the most unforgettable memory from the archipelago, they would definitely remember the “desert island” covered with sparkling white sand, tents instead of villas and huge turtles that are curious to meet the newcomers.

We take our guests back to their carefree age when each day tasted of eternal summer, their pockets were full of raspberries and colorful feathers and when they were reading the exciting adventures of Tom Sawyer in the light of the torch. When the night comes the Seychelles reveal their true colors that we celebrate by having a Robinson Crusoe style dinner accompanied by the soft guitar music in the background at the beach.

The following days of our unique program prove that fishing is not the activity only for loners and yes, you can cook if only you want to!

You cannot imagine better way to end the day spent on a luxurious catamaran and on the exploration of the underwater world than to participate in a “white party” at the hotel beach. An interesting experience is also CSR activity consisting of planting endemic species and getting rid of pernicious ones with the help of local nature conservationists.

The Seychelles are not at all as black as they are painted! They are quite the opposite!

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