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Travelling is our life nevertheless we do not forget about the reality. As the Team Motivoscope, we have been close to our clients for over 6 years but each individual has been working in MICE for 10 years on average. Our experience in B2B and strong background in trade marketing allow us to understand all the essential business mechanisms. However, business isn’t everything.

Travelling remains our greatest passion so our backpacks never get a chance to be covered with dust!

Regardless of the latitude, our actions are always conscious. We always foster good habits, if needed we are assertive and emotionally intelligent. We care about details as we deeply believe the success of your incentive trip depends on people that create it so when travelling with our clients we put the best effort to be ambassadors of your brand and leaders but also we want to be good companions. At the same time we strive to stay natural so that the participants have a chance to get to know and like us. Not only because of our travelling experience and professional knowledge but also because we are patient, optimistic and joyful no matter what the situation is.


We work for B2B and implement sales support programs. We deeply analyze the enquiries from our clients focusing on a long-term perspective. What is more we carefully listen about goals and also about the group of addressees meaning employees, sales teams or clients that they wish to motivate, reward, engage or enhance relations with. The client presents us the product that he wants to launch or needs to promote. Then we take the challenge and take our guests for a once-in-a-lifetime incentive travel.

These bespoken trips are always full of stories, charismatic heroes, unique activities and strong emotions. We start with having a look at the project from a wider perspective which means understanding the business, the brand, the objectives and the audience to ensure that whatever we offer is the most efficient solution for the specific brief and that you will get return on the investment. We maximize the budget of each travel to deliver it in the most possible cost-effective way. Optimizing the costs, negotiating with our suppliers and the “wow” effect together with our creative ideas provide a journey that can’t be repeated. Or forgotten.


With us you are always in safe hands. We are proud to be able to cooperate with global brands and Polish entrepreneurs. We have organized events for the biggest international corporations from various market sectors as well as for domestic companies. From the very outset of our business activity, Motivoscope fulfil all legal requirements to operate as a travel agency. Our license is easy to verify in the National Register of Tour Operators under #1427. Our clients and guest are covered by one of the highest insurance guarantee available on the market which amounts to PLN 1.7 million and a full package of travel insurance with high refund of costs of treatment abroad as well as the assistance.

We actively contribute to SOIT – Association of Incentive Travel Organizers which looks after MICE business ethics in Poland. Motivoscope received the Reliability Certificate of “Rzetelna Firma”. We are always up to date with the geopolitical situation all over the world and changing provisions of the tourism law so that we can be a reliable partner for our clients.






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